3com 4500 bootloader debugging mode

This comment inspired me to do some more hacking.

The 3com 4500 50-port (3CR17562-91) is a BCM5655 switch fabric with a BCM4704 MIPS cpu.

The bootloader (BOOTROM) has some functions hidden behind CTRL-COMMAND + enter.

With ctrl-d – <enter>, you can get into the hidden VxWorks bootloader:

        BOOT  MENU

1. Download application file to flash
2. Select application file to boot
3. Display all files in flash
4. Delete file from flash
5. Modify bootrom password
6. Enter bootrom upgrade menu
7. Skip current configuration file
8. Set bootrom password recovery
9. Set switch startup mode
0. Reboot

Enter your choice(0-9): CTRL-D <ENTER>
Enter debugging environment

                            VxWorks System Boot

Copyright 1984-2001  Wind River Systems, Inc.

CPU: BCM4704 (MIPS32)
Board:  JAG

Version: VxWorks5.4.2
BSP version: 1.0/0
Creation date: Apr 19 2006, 12:50:28

Press any key to stop auto-boot...
  4 5

[VxWorks Boot]:

CTRL-T is testmode. This requires a password: ‘huawei-3com’:

Enter your choice(0-9):
Are you sure you want to test your equipment? Yes or No(Y/N) y
Enter board test environment...

password: huawei-3com
Enter board test, press 'help' for help


test SDRAM
test Flash
test WatchDog
test setmacaddrnum <PortMacNum(1~255) SwitchMacNum(1~255)>
test setmacaddr <48bit-macaddr>
test settrackcode <STRING 1-13>
test setcustomcode <STRING 1-13>
test setbuildinfo <CC.XX.YY>    CC--software version; XX.YY--hardware version;
                                only 0~9 and a(A)~z(Z) is valid
test setproductcode <STRING 1-11>
test setmanucode <STRING 1-4>
test chkdefcfg
disp version
disp manuinfo
disp equipdata


CTRL-F is formatting your filesystem:

Enter your choice(0-9): CTRL-F <ENTER>
Are you sure you want to format your file system? Yes or No(Y/N) n

One Response to “3com 4500 bootloader debugging mode”

  1. Leonel B. Says:

    Great post!! Thanks a lot!! You safe me!!!
    Now I can format my unformat flash!
    Best regards!

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